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Paediatric anaesthetists – what do they do and why is it a great job?

Published:  02 December 2021

Have you ever wondered about the doctor who ensures your child is safely unconscious for their surgery or procedure? Introducing Dr Kobi Haworth, one of Townsville University Hospital's anaesthetic registrars with an interest in paediatrics.

Anaesthetic registrars who have an interest in paediatrics specialise in managing the anaesthetic (such as the gases and injections), that is used to ensure your child is unconscious and free of pain during an operation or test – but that’s just the start of what these incredible doctors do.

“As an anaesthetic registrar I spend most of my time in theatre giving anaesthetics; however, there are many other interesting aspects to the job,” Dr Kobi said.

“I see patients in the pre-admission clinic prior to elective surgery, review high-risk or complex patients on the ward before emergency surgery, work with treating teams to optimise care, provide anaesthesia in other parts of the hospital such as medical imaging, endoscopy and the birth suite and work with the Acute Pain Service nurses to optimise pain relief for patients after surgery.”

Dr Kobi said that while her role is as rewarding as it is complex.

“Anaesthetics is a team sport but also very much a specialty of extremes,” Dr Kobi said.

“From routine surgeries to some very hairy situations, I'm often meeting patients on some of their best or worst days so being able to help care for them in those circumstances is very rewarding.

“I also work with some incredible doctors, nurses and operating theatre technicians who strive to provide quality care for patients.”

As regional Australia’s only tertiary referral hospital, Dr Kobi said Townsville University Hospital also saw it’s fair share of interesting cases.

“The variety in a regional setting is fantastic,” Dr Kobi said.

“Townsville University Hospital is unique in that it provides almost all of the major surgical subspecialties and has a mixed adult and paediatric case mix.

“Every day is different and I can honestly say I finish every shift having seen or learnt something new.”

Looking for a career in paediatric anaesthesia? Join us today.

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